Wednesday, February 02, 2011

testing the donation site

Laura is strapped for cash... this happens when you're a freelance journalist.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

It hasn't been the best year, but we count our blessings: a good hawk (62 bunnies and a few other items), a good dog, friends, family. I still have a job, a solid house, and a reliable car. I miss a friend who committed suicide a few weeks ago, even though I didn't know him all that well. Of happinesses, I've met someone new, not Ms Right, not Ms Right Now either (I avoid that these days), out of my league, but she's interesting to talk with.

I wish all my friends and family to have a prosperous, happy, and healthy 2011.

Monday, October 25, 2010

still somewhat here

Mr Goshawk, after much nail biting and cautiousness, is turning out great. Nine weeks since his first bunny and now he's at 26. Flying weight is currently 615 and it could be brought a little lower to push him into boldness. Manners are still decent; screaming is still a problem but is a lot less than it was 4 weeks ago. I haven't hooded him, and keep talking about OCing him to take it, but he rides in the box fine.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

goshawk time

I've finally committed (heh) to buying a NA gos from the Brunotte project. She'll be shipping a 14 day old tiercel as soon as she gets my cheque. I'm a little worried (as I always am with a baby bird). My chickens will probably be getting a bunch of quail as bedfellows since the few bags of English sparrows I've collected will certainly not last long. (The freezerful of crows I'd stocked up with Mr P were lost when I left the freezer unplugged.) I'll eventually need a remote launcher, too. Excitement and dread...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

gone over to the dark side

Yep, I've done it... gotten a facebook account. I'm posting there and not here. For the miniscule number of people who actually read this blog, I'll update.

In February, I put Mr P in a breeding project, only to learn he's somewhere between an imprint and a misprint. I've emailed a breeder friend for advice. If he won't breed naturally with a female Harris, he might become a semen donor... we'll see.

It was something of a surprise to realize how much excitement hawking brings, and how one gets used to having it. I had never thought of myself as adrenalin-addicted, but apparently I had withdrawal. I haven't been without a hawk in about 8 years, and found myself itching to get out and hunt something. The pellet rifle gave me some replacement satisfaction, though it's not quite the same.

Recently I bought a nice shotgun from Steve Bodio and am trying to re-learn how to shoot one of those.

I took a class in TIG welding and built a couple of stainless steel perches. Fourteen words isn't enough to describe an entire month of effort, frustration, and deep satisfaction. I'm learning, I'll still be learning, and it's great.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy Twenty-Ten

I can't boot 2009 out the door fast enough. It's been a crappy year, personally speaking. Here's hoping for 10.

Socio/politically I'm pretty content. The shine has come off Obama but I still feel he's an overwhelmingly positive force for the US, which is far more than I could say for the previous administration and something I wouldn't have expected from McCain/Palin. In this first year he's tackled so many things, wrestled this ship of state from its disastrous heading into safer waters. If he can keep the pace for the next three it will be a wonder. And even if he can't, he will still do a lot for us.

I wish for my friends and loved ones good health and success in the year ahead. I wish for the world peace, tolerance, and cooperation. There are two ways to deal with clashing views: one is to deem the opposition evil, to be hated and destroyed; the other way is to acknowledge that other opinions have the right to exist, and differing opinions sparks human creativity. We would be a damn boring world if everyone thought the same thing and all believed in the same right and wrong.

[I was listening to NPR the other day and during an interview, a rather ridiculous idea came across: that people with differing opinions must at some point come to agreement based on the conviction of one party or the other. In short, if I believe something strongly enough, your opposing opinion will be swayed by the strength of my conviction, and we should eventually agree. IMO, this cannot possibly work or even be desirable.]

I wish for our future people who will be motivated to making the world better. We have a great example in our president... let's keep it going in our own smaller spheres of influence.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

"independent reviews" -- ha!

Is there even one website out there that reviews international phone cards and is NOT a shill for a specific card? The claims that the reviews are independent and unbiased are such blatant lies it's laughable.