Thursday, May 05, 2005

out of web design hell

I got kicked off the project today, and all I can say is ... thank GOD

Her sendoff words: "We've decided to go for a professional web designer who can give the site some zip."

Things I would have said if I was a truly evil person:
"So you've finally realized your design needed zip."
"I'm so glad you've decided to seek professional help."

Yesterday I checked the three documents she sent, and confirmed I'm not at fault.

The Powerpoint has the title in all caps, no ellipsis at the end, and the first letter in each word is red. The subtitle is in parentheses.

The Word document uses upper and lower case, and the subtitle is not in parentheses.

Her e-mail has upper and lower case, an ellipsis at the end of the title, and the subtitle is not in parentheses.

No wonder I was fucking confused. And she yelled at me for getting it wrong. To have her mind read, she's going to need to pay someone a heckalot more than she paid me.

Call me sheltered, call me lucky: until now, I have never been blamed for someone else's incompetence or lack of taste.

I'm going to heaven when I die.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Subtly hostile."

That's what a friend of mine called this website after looking at it. It's in what I think is the final form.

I think "subtly" is a very kind term. It's bloody visual assault. But we agree it's hard to look at the site for very long. I just have lower tolerance than he does.

Out of sheer fear of the ass you can't pull a nail out of with a tractor, I was forced to make graphics out of the Oh My Stars, and the tagline, which absolutely had to be in the Mac SE font.
I have now placee the words in the header exactly where she wanted them. The first line is a little off center to the right. The second line is kind of centered. The last line is centered, more or less. Of course, all that changes when you shift the size of the browser window.

Which is something I'm going to have to worry about if and when she looks at the site again. Bet you that she's going to want these things nailed down in one spot. I think I will tell her that she will need to make a law denying everyone the right to resize their browser window.

Here's her CSS sheet:

body #teacher {
    top: 13px ;
    left: 666px ;
    position: nail in ass fixed;
    padding: 0 ;