Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a prediction on katrina's aftermath

New Orleans floods and Katrina finishes Monday. By Thursday, an NPR interview with Michael Chertoff shows he has no clue that there are thousands of people in the convention center with no food or water. He keeps glossing over and talking about the Superdome instead. See also here...

Mike Brown, chief of FEMA, says that if people die, it's their own fault.

The Coast Guard offers diesel fuel. Other people offer generators. Louisiana hunters and guides offer their boats and themselves to search for trapped people.

FEMA refused all these offers because FEMA's supposed to be in charge.

By the way, Brown's previous career involved being kicked out of an association of Arabian horse breeders. He happened to be someone's college roommate, and that's how he got to lead FEMA.

Due to all this, Democrats are now calling for Mike Brown's removal. Actually, everyone's angry, but when Democrats are among the complainers, you can be sure that certain Republicans will spring to the defense of their man, no matter how incompetent or how reality-impaired he is. And they will complain vituperatively about how the left ruins everything the right does.

Because Democrats are complaining, I predict that Bush is going to give a medal and congratulations to Brown and Chertoff for their stellar performance in the face of great challenge.

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