Friday, November 18, 2005

holiday hate

I hate shopping for gifts for people who have everything already, and anything they might really want is out of my budget. (Unfortunately, people who have to buy me gifts probably say the same thing about me.)

I hate getting together with people with whom I have to make small talk and hear about things that don't interest me.

I hate the hypocrisy of Christians who call this a Christian holiday and have a pagan tree, of tree-huggers who call this a winter holiday celebrating the earth and drive their SUVs for miles in search of gifts, and of atheists who celebrate this holiday even though it's supposed to be in honor of a god. Christmas is a holiday where we buy gifts, fancy wrap to put around them, and a tree to stick them under. It celebrates capitalism and consumerism far more than the birth of some guy named Jesus, some Babylonian god named Marduk, or our side of the planet tipping away from the sun.

I hate seeing family members who cannot well afford lavish gifts spending rashly because they think they're supposed to.

I hate seeing people donating money solely during the holidays out of sentimentality. But I suppose it's better than not donating at all.

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