Friday, November 18, 2005

holiday love

I love being able to stay up at night and wake up late on a regular basis, and drink coffee in bed with the mate on a cold, slow morning.

I love being able to go hawking on the hawk's schedule, not mine.

I get a kick out of seeing people getting fed at the soup kitchens. I don't know why.

I love the rallying at work to buy food and clothes for the poor families in our city. The sense of goodness is palpable. If there is such a thing as spirit and community, this is the easiest time to get a sighting. If there is such a thing we could call God, it is manifested in our personal behavior, in the way we treat friends and strangers. This is what Catholics call the Holy Spirit, the god that is within you, the mortal. The purpose of most modern Gods (regardless of legal name, God, Y--H, Allah, etc) is to make us try to be better people than we are.

I love that moment when the boss announces "Everyone go home" at 3 p.m.

I love seeing friends for whom it doesn't matter whether you have gifts for each other. Seventy-five percent of the time, someone gives a gift and the other doesn't, but no one feels guilty or cheated. It's the friendships, not the dollars, that count.

I secretly love singing Christmas carols with lots of people who will drown me out.

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