Saturday, November 19, 2005

johnny meitz returns

The incomparable Johnny Meitz ("Johnny Hawk") has resurfaced. In the early nineties he drew falconer cartoons, and has a deliciously twisted sense of humor. Now he's colored in a few and put them up on his wife's website as T-shirts. The site needs some bugs ironed out of it right now, but I'll be the first in line for the bunny declaring "I hear bells! Could it be Santa?" with a pair of belled hawk feet rushing downwards.

I'd love to see Johnny selling the cartoons of:

- the kid sitting on the steps crying while dad is using his teddy bear to lure in his hawk

- the dead Fish&Game officer with two falconers contemplating if the hawk should feed up in the field, since F&G officers are neither legal quarry nor a protected species

- when the falconer calls in sick, his office mates wonder if "eyas gos" is contagious


Donensign said...

Do you have any new info on Johnny's whereabouts. I knew him in the 1970s and early 1980s.


Donensign said...
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Max Inclined said...

He's still in SoCal, you might try emailing the website. There is a small Contact Us link at the bottom.