Wednesday, November 30, 2005

xmas shirts

Got my Meitz shirts today (pretty fast, five days including a weekend). Printing quality is great. Shirt material is a little light for my taste, but far from the cheapest. I'm quite satisfied. Now I need to figure out which lucky falconer friends are going to get them. Could be ... me. :-)

Presently playing The Dark Complex to great mental agony, intense frustration, and yes, dammit, I'm dreaming about swirling cubes accompanied by pentatonic crickets. It's a very engaging game, although I find it less satisfying than his earlier effort, the Dark Room, simply because I liked its triumph music when you solved each puzzle. Dark Complex just buzzes out the puzzle, and you're left thinking, "Oh god on to the next one" instead of "Yeaaah I'm da man."

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