Wednesday, December 07, 2005

fictionsuit - a dabbling

I've just signed up with, a Petri dish for a possible ARG. At this point the PM, Misuba, is developing a story about a missing woman named Corin. Corin owns a display case of objects for which the members will be writing descriptions. Misuba has suggested the display case be akin to a Jorge Luis Borjes-style library, with a bit of Wikipedia thrown in for the descriptive format.

It sounds like a neat project and I've written up two objects for the case: The Unidentifiable Raptor -- completely coincidental that describing a bird should be one of my first three randomly assigned essays -- and a steel sunflower.

I'm not a person who gets deeply into ARGs (they're incredibly time-consuming) but I like them in principle. It will be interesting to be part of one.

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