Friday, December 30, 2005

motion detection

The post above is an example of how strange predator minds can be at times. They recognize quarry, acknowledge its presence by their continuous attention to it. Yet somehow it does not become chaseable and catchable until it moves. Pheasants are particularly good at freezing, and in doing so become invisible to the hawk. I've almost stepped on as many pheasant as had good proper-distance flushes. (Proper distance for me is about 15 feet. Closer than that, and if the birds don't have enough height, they don't have enough time to react and get to speed.)

Some hawks are able to overcome this and strike frozen quarry very nicely; others don't. S has trouble with it, P is much better. I wonder if it would help to place a life-size picture of a pheasant in front of S, and reward him if he strikes?

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