Friday, December 16, 2005

The War on Christmas is all an act

The vast majority of this country is Christian, yet the right wingnuts on TV are saying Christmas is some kind of endangered species being foully bludgeoned to death by Jews (and any non-Christians they can think of, but mostly Jews.) Everyone is getting hyped up about it. Christians on the lower end of the average IQ suddenly have a cause, and say Merry Christmas with a defiant snarl. The non-Christians on the lower end of the average IQ are jumping in, slapping their foreheads and pointing out what kooks Bill O'Reilly and John Gibson are.

They're all suckers. I think the true purpose of this act to bring up ratings, get people talking about this issue whether pro or con. Some idiot once told me there is no such thing as bad publicity. In this matter, he is right. There's a whole contingency of O'Reilly haters who tune in twice daily so they have fodder for their anti-conservative rants.

A while back, I was channel-surfing the radio and listened to some guy rant about how Michael Jackson was a freak show (repeating the phrase about forty times), and how he didn't deserve all the media attention devoted to the trial. The guy did this for at least an hour – when I got back into the car after lunch he was still going – with no sense of irony.

The alleged war on Christmas is all just the same.

I'm an agnostic, but I was raised to say Merry Christmas, and so I do. It's like saying Good morning or Pleased to meet you, without regard for the actual feelings involved. I, my neighbors, and work colleagues don't give a sweet damn whether you say Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays or Stick It Up Your Ass (well, maybe not the last.) My Jewish genes won't freeze in oppression if City Hall puts up a Nativity scene. In fact, I think it should, alongside a Kwanzaa menorah, a Jewish menorah, and any other winter holiday symbols they can think of, with a big Happy Holidays slapped across the whole thing.

So what, in this rather jagged post, am I trying to say? Don't fall into the hype. America was celebrated as the great melting pot, the refuge of oppressed people. We should be honoring everyone's religion or lack thereof.


Unwilling Participant said...

nice post

shandi said...

HAAAA!!! I completely agree with you. I am a newly converted atheist, having spent the rest of my life a born-again spirit-filled christian. I'm not changing the way I celebrate the holidays one iota. I love Christmas and will always call it as such. Who the hell cares? Great post. (thanks for visiting... hmmmm do you have a MySpace I could visit? :)

max inclined said...
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max inclined said...

You're kidding, I hope.

C. Y. Noquote said...

Good thing you're not going to be in Bakersfield until 2007.