Saturday, February 04, 2006

what your hawk says about you ;-)

Harris hawkers are laid back guys who like consistent performance in their birds. They tend to be working class, and like to have a good time hawking. The old-style Harris hawker considers a little dope and beer in their hawking bags as essential a tool as their jackrabbit-leg lure. The new-style Harris hawker cannot fly without Harris-hawking friends. That way five hawks can catch one rabbit and five falconers can each say they caught a rabbit.

Microhawkers (sharpies/spars/merlins) are more intellectual – not necessarily formally educated, but thinkers. They tend to be perfectionists, and critical in the evaluative way. They are slightly obsessive and naturally assume being the center of attention.

Peregrine falconers are a mixed lot. Many of them, consciously or unconsciously, choose a peregrine because it's considered the highest, purest, ideal form of falconry – the art of the thousand-foot, 180 mph stoop blows their minds. Being organized and capable of planning are required to train a peregrine well. They also need to have very good eyesight.

People who fly gyrs and prairies are less fussy and more laid back than peregrine falconers. Both these birds will take ground quarry readily, so their owners have to be okay with their bird not always doing the longwing thing. A lot of them seem to be ex-Harris hawkers.

Those who fly redtails after apprenticeship tend to be pleasant, happy people who can put up with being told by every other falconer to get a "real" hawk. Like Harris hawkers, they like consistent performance and a steady temperament. They are the kind who remember their first car with great fondness.

Goshawkers are also a mixed lot, but many are deeply into the performance; they want a fast bird that will take on almost anything. The rest are masochistically excited by the challenge of working with one of the notoriously difficult raptors. Coopers hawk owners are the same, only more so.

Watch out for eagle guys. They have masculinity issues. Women are not stupid enough to take on an eagle. Guys who fly ferrugies are the same, only less so.

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