Monday, March 27, 2006

bush's labyrinth

Let's say you've entered a labyrinth. Its form is tree-shaped, with many branching paths that don't loop back to the beginning. You know a ton of people who can give you advice about labyrinths in general, though they've never been in yours specifically. Some of these people have studied tree labyrinths with care, and know what to expect. How they tend to be laid out. The signs of various traps you may find, and how to avoid them. What weapons you need to carry. In short, they can guide you, who have never been in any labyrinth before, and they will gladly come with you.

However, you ignore the labyrinths scholars, and listen to your best friends instead, because they have your best interests at heart. They confidently assure you they know the specific path. You believe in your friends, and that belief strengthens your friendship.

So you enter, pumped full of confidence. You've brought good weapons and fighters, and defeat the first and largest monsters in your path. From this, all the remaining creatures should fear you and allow you to go on, even guide you to the end. That's what your friends said.

You come to a large, empty room, where you rest on your laurels for a bit. Actually, not just a bit. You stay there so long you forget you are only a tenth of the way through the labyrinth. You continue to wait because you don't really know where to go next, and you were expecting the creatures ahead to come and guide you. They, however, were expecting you to come to them. They would probably let you pass with little resistance if you continued to the exit of your own volition.

Your dawdling bothers them. They don't want you in their labyrinth. They expected to fight or let you pass. Your silence draws them down the tree to learn what you're up to. From all these many branches they come, branches you might have never encountered if you had acknowledged you were only a tenth of the way through. Instead, they're gathering.

Welcome to Iraq.

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