Thursday, March 16, 2006

game: Dailion Tower

I'm presently beating my head over Dailion Tower, an escape-the-room game involving huge quantities of stuff to pick up and put elsewhere, and you have to keep doing it over and over because getting killed (often just when you think you've gotten to an accomplishment point) is quite likely. The only satisfactions you get are some cool music, and knowing that at some point you will finish and win.

It's like having teenagers.

The game is in Spanish. There was a three-quarters-badly-translated English version earlier, but it was more buggy than the Spanish version.

In "Dailion Tower" the welcome screen has a request for a donation. However, after playing for several days, I learned this is not actually a request but a demand. There is one free ending (which you can take anytime after you achieve 100%), but the "good" ending, which comes considerably further on, is only available if you pay.

There are principles involved here. There are thousands of free flash games out there that can be played completely, are bug free to start with, and no one asks for money. Fasco-cs, the authors of the Viridian Room, request a donation that is genuinely a donation. They've given us four or five high quality, challenging games, and I happily donated to them last year. Dailion has given us a bug-ridden game and only partially fixed them in response to gamers' posts, and demands we pay to get rewarded for the work we've put in.

Do not bother with this game.


Merle said...

Hi Max ~~ Thank you for your visit to Herons Nest, and for your comments.
Yes I do enjoy life at this stage. It
has not always been that way, lots of problems etc. But pretty good now that I am old.
I hope you enjoy your life also.
Cheers, Merle.

C. Y. Noquote said...
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max inclined said...

Cy, I love you, so I won't let you make an ass of yourself in public. I didn't read hers all that carefully either, she's under no obligation. She says she's happy, I'll take that as it is, regardless of cause. And apart from being a citizen of a country whose inane war administration is busily destroying another country, I'm pretty happy too. Just because I post a 450-word story about suicide doesn't mean *I* am unhappy. Just because I've had pain & trouble in my life doesn't mean I'll never have another light moment. You could learn something from that.