Saturday, March 04, 2006

justice's slow wheels

Way back in June I posted about the short-lived theft of a thousand dollars, and finally in mid-February, the police contacted me to hear the full story. After giving it, I learned the teller had confessed to that theft and a few others. It seems ours was the largest he had attempted – the rest were a few hundred here and there.

It was an odd conversation. The investigating officer implied that because the teller gave the money back, he hadn't really stolen it. I said that as soon as I left the bank, that money was technically stolen – just because he panicked and brought us back into the bank doesn't excuse him. Then the officer seemed to misunderstand me, and assured me that the teller would have been caught and the money returned because all his actions were caught on camera. We were obviously not on the same wavelength, but it doesn't matter.

Or maybe it does. Maybe they want to discount this particular theft because it falls into the grand theft as opposed to petty theft (in CA the division is $400), and a possible felony charge.

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