Sunday, March 12, 2006

the secret field

Finally, a break in the weather. It's been mostly raining, and the weatherman's predictions haven't been up to par lately. With a prediction of rain I tend to feed the bird up a bit, so when he's wrong and it's sunny the next day, I'm screwed. And most of the few sunny days have been too windy to fly. That's all over, and we went out with my former sponsor after bunnies in this terrific field that only he and I know about. P, after his too-long hiatus, was just futzing around, flying lackadaisically, not chasing very hard after some excellent slips. Finally he got serious, and caught one, but after getting a few bites of a reward, he again took a while to get back into a serious mode. About six slips later, he got a nice foot-flush that, instead of running back into cover, went into some open space. Fed him up on the second catch, and called it a good day.

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