Sunday, June 11, 2006

not even animals could

I'll be honest, I had barely heard of this Ann Coulter chick before her recent spew on 9/11 widows. And I'll be frank, I don't think I want to hear any more. She has her right to wail about the so-called liberal agenda. But to claim that these women enjoy the fact that their husbands have died and are exploiting the deaths to further the liberal agenda is egregious, abhorrent, destestable, repugnant, and quite a few other synonyms of disgusting.

People love. They marry. When one of them dies, the gap might be covered over a bit over time, but the gap is always there.

From where in this woman's twisted mass of grey cells did this idea spring? I'm tempted to put it down to simple green-eyed jealousy, more appropriately found in middle school. If I may anthropomorphize a bit on the thoughts, so to speak, of Ms Coulter: she imagines herself as having worked hard for many years to gain enough notoriety to get kicked off Buckley's magazine. Furthermore, she's bottle-blond and physically attractive. And here these widows without makeup walk up out of nowhere, and gain a voice and publicity simply because someone has died. That must burn her booties. She wishes it had been that easy for her.

The fact that she can even cook up this attitude speaks only of her complete coldness of soul. Or, just as likely, she is simply not sane.

The fact that she has some following makes me shudder. I'm repulsed at the genetic level by her hatred of the widows. Muslims, she says, should be forced to convert to Christianity. Her followers must realize it was this level of hatred that made the Nazis force Jews to convert or die, that made the Klan kill, without a moment's consideration that their victims were humans. If they truly agree with her opinions, they must also believe the Nazis and the Klan were right and good.

I'm a middle of the road semi-Democrat with Republican tendencies. Coulter makes the conservative in me wants to run and hide from shame.

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