Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Have you ever heard a voice that just resonates in such a way you want to just lie down and take your clothes off? I had to make a tech support call to Europe this morning, so I went into the office at six a.m. The voice on the other end had light German fricatives with British hints, just a titch lower than average, and utterly peaceful. Radiating content, relaxing, conducive to calm. Completely unlike American or Indian tech support. Every once in a while, a languorous sigh breathed into my ear, making me think, "Mmmm, do that again." We were talking .DLLs and .INIs and .EXEs and I absolutely love the mate, but it kept occurring to me that there was no one else in the office. No voice has ever given me that kind of reaction. Makes me want to break my computer just to hear it again...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

[review] A Scanner Darkly

Philip K Dick is, at this point in history, more apt as a comic book. His men tend to be working stiffs, his women domestic: characters from an earlier era, regardless of the temporal setting. As it happens, the movie version of A Scanner Darkly updates the characters considerably yet still retains some of the flavor.

I read the story quite a long time ago and the film version jogged only some vague hints of plot, so if there were any major departures from the story as written, I couldn't tell. In brief, an undercover detective is assigned to watch three roommates, one of whom is suspected to be dealing an acutely addictive drug, Death. Death causes a dissociative disfunction between the left and right sides of the brain, so eventually the user cannot distinguish reality from imagination. The sole agency devoted to getting users off the drug is suspected to be its source. Because it's undercover, all the officers wear anonymity suits. Because it's PKD, the detective has just been assigned to watch himself. It's a strong story with good twists, and the roommates' antics and dialogue are hilarious.

The movie seems to have been filmed in live action, then overlaid with color. The characters had strong black outlines and constantly shifting blobs of color that were completely convincing as comic art. It was a little too vibrant at times, but quite good. The cartoonizing of the backgrounds was not nearly as well done, especially distant ones like the outdoors. These came a little too close to reality – a unfortunate distraction from the action. The anonymity suits of the police characters were also a strong distraction. It was overdone: the suits cycle through quarters of faces and hair, and two sides of clothes, each piece on its own schedule. Watching them made it difficult to concentrate on the dialogue, which I would say was fairly well written and edited. I got just enough information to understand what was happening.

Overall, I'd say watch this movie.

Friday, July 21, 2006

anewsing muse

Pamela Anderson denounced a video uploaded Sunday to video host YouTube. The four-minute video depicted the celebrity engaging in sex with two unidentified men and featured both oral and anal sex as well as full frontal nudity. "I'm not an actress," Anderson said. After her publicist threatened legal action, San Francisco-based YouTube pulled the video, but by then it had been online four hours, and downloaded nearly 14,000 times.

In related news, early Monday morning, a large quantity of viscous fluid of unknown composition entered North Korea, taking out a statue of Kim Jong Il outside the Park Sung Girl's School in Pyongyang. The school, better known to Americans as an open proxy for spam, reported no injuries, however, the students, ranging in ages from 12 to 20, burst into tears at the destruction of the image of Beloved Leader. "He makes so many sacrifices for us," said one girl.

North Korean physicists claim that from its trajectory, the source of the liquid, which is semi-translucent and white in color, was the west coast of North America. SAC, NASA and the NSC all disavow responsibility for the projectile, and are at a loss to explain its source.

In response, Kim Jong Il has announced additional funding for development of the"Minh Biga Dong-3" missile, a three-stage warhead capable of reaching North American territory. This rocket requires a 5000-mil rubber band and the strength of 150 thousand North Koreans to launch it, three times what was required for the ill-fated Dong-2.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

random luck

Late last night I was walking with the mate, who's getting better. We made it almost two blocks without oxygen (oxygen is for losers!) During a break I looked up and saw a light zipping across the sky. By the time my hand was up, and my mouth had said, "Shooting - " it was already gone. I haven't seen a shooting star in years, perhaps decades. I made a wish...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

definitive proof

That Dick Cheney really does eat kittens. But you kind of knew that already, didn't you?

Photo taken at a Republican convention in Provo, Utah.