Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Have you ever heard a voice that just resonates in such a way you want to just lie down and take your clothes off? I had to make a tech support call to Europe this morning, so I went into the office at six a.m. The voice on the other end had light German fricatives with British hints, just a titch lower than average, and utterly peaceful. Radiating content, relaxing, conducive to calm. Completely unlike American or Indian tech support. Every once in a while, a languorous sigh breathed into my ear, making me think, "Mmmm, do that again." We were talking .DLLs and .INIs and .EXEs and I absolutely love the mate, but it kept occurring to me that there was no one else in the office. No voice has ever given me that kind of reaction. Makes me want to break my computer just to hear it again...

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