Sunday, August 20, 2006

old turns to new

It's good to be writing again. The last couple months have been kind of difficult because I became a moderator for a very busy website. It temporarily ate up my free time (mea culpa; I let it), and I decided to step down, but volunteered to stay on until a replacement was found. I've been waiting several weeks, but no one so far.

But deciding to step down was good; it made me feel less responsible, which mysteriously made the work seem easier. It's a never-ending job, with easily 600-800 posts per day fielded by about nine mods and admins, plus old thread cleanup. The bulk of the users are youngish people (14-22) and emotional crises and weirdnesses occur; there's a vile troller needing to be dealt with, the occasional spammer, and people who simply do not read instructions.

Plus starting the hunting season brings new events and challenges, which I'd much rather be doing and writing about in addition to the fiction. Seeing R's musket was exciting. I love the accipiter at a visceral level, I love its reputations both good and bad. I had a used goshawk, one that had not been used well, retrained her to trust humans, and brought her back to being a successful hunter. I gave her away because she was screaming too much, and I'm not sorry I did; she required a huge investment in time, energy, and emotion, more than I had. My little grey queen hunted well for her next owner, too, so I know she did well by me: she had the opportunity to be a hawk again before she died.

I'd love to start my own gos from scratch, but for where I live and the mate's state of health, I see now it'd be much more sensible to get a sharpie. I'm a little more confident in my ability, and I'd have R to rely upon for advice.

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