Saturday, September 09, 2006

bunny at last

A bit late, but we've got our first bunny of the season. I was getting concerned, but I also know I'm flying P too high. The secret field is intensely thick with baby tumbleweeds and a bad infestation of star thistles (non-native, aggressive, damages cow stomachs, spears falconers' knees). We flushed at least 10 bunnies, but they appeared only for a moment before disappearing again under the tumbleweeds, with just a puff of dust to mark their trail. A few jacks scrambled away as well.

For all this, P chased pretty good, pretty serious, though there were several instances where he could have gotten it but didn't commit. He didn't want to seem to crash through the stuff, and he's never been all that crazy about runners.

Further back, though, things thinned and changed into a heavy rice-like grass that gave off a slight smell of toasted onion. I was glad to find bunnies in here, since there was so little chance of P getting one back there. But after another 10 flushes, the right opportunity came: a bunny flushed into the open, or relatively open. P nailed it nicely by the head. All this had taken a good hour and a half, so he got a good feed and we went home pleased.

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