Saturday, September 30, 2006

doctors think they know everything

I don't mean the mate's doctor, just a lot of the rest of them.

Coffee is a morning essential and that brownish stuff provided by the cafeteria does not qualify. Good thing there's a Peet's downstairs in the lobby. Rushing for an elevator this morning, a wheel on the mate's IV rack got stuck in the door. The door was just barely held open by the wheel, which was jammed in the gap.

Some old fart doctor comes by, looks at the situation and immediately takes charge. "Those are really strong doors, you'll never be able to force them. Just wait a minute, I'll call security," he says, and strides off.

While waiting, the mate tugs on the rack, but still no go. Then she remembers that elevator doors are designed to avoid biting hands, and give the doors a push. Voila, doors are open, and she didn't even need coffee. But she gets it anyway.

A nurse later says that security around here takes ages. That old doctor's seen too many disaster movies where it takes five soot-smudged guys ten minutes to open an elevator.


Sugarpott said...

omg....did her iv rip out?

max inclined said...

Oh, no. She was just stuck standing in front of the elevator for a bit. It wasn't going anywhere while the door was still open