Monday, September 18, 2006

Toshiba Part 3, and no more

What I love about the Satellite
- The volume dial. It's a dial, for one thing. The Pavilion had buttons that never could put the volume exactly where I wanted it. The dial's conveniently located in the front, and cannot be mistaken for anything else.
- The shiny screen. I wasn't sure I liked it at first because I kept seeing my reflection, but I've gotten used to it now. As with gloss photo paper, black looks blacker and things generally a little more crisp.
- It's fast. Even the analog modem at less than 56Kb, seems faster than the HP at 56K.
- The sound is damn good.

What I hate about it
- The mouse button is bouncy; it needs a heavy thumb when dragging/selecting or else it'll disengage. So heavy, I'm tempted to return it to see if another one is better, but moving crap from the Pavilion took so long, I'm reluctant. It seems to be getting better the more I use it, so maybe it (or I) just needs some breaking in. I can't remember if the Pavilion had the same problem.

What's pissing me off
- I can't find my WordPerfect 10 CD so I'm choking by with a borrowed 6.1.

What's really pissing me off
I copied my music files from the Pavilion, but every time I tried to play something in Windows Media Player it kept wanting to go crying off to the internet to "acquire a license." Stranger yet, it went to a Microsoft website,
Now, this is nothing but pure bullshit. Sony Music caught flack for trying to create a copy protection scheme, but none of these was from Sony. But more importantly, Microsoft has no business "licensing" music. I own original copies of all music on my computer, and copying the files over was faster and tidier than slinging CDs in and out all day. Furthermore, one of my CDs choked on a track last year, and my hard drive copy is now my only working copy.
After getting the "license" all my tracks seemed to play, regardless of publisher.
Why do I need Microsoft's permission to play music I own?!

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