Saturday, September 16, 2006

toshiba satellite part 2

Okay, found most of what I was looking for and a bunch of things I wasn't. Brightness and sleep mode you get to with function keys combined with the Fn key (a function-function? Reminds me of Conjunction Junction.) Anyway, the function keys have pale grey (read: hard to see) icons to indicate what they do. Embodying the spirit of global communication, quite a few mean nothing obvious. Here's my take.

F2: A lightbulb. Lets you control your smart-house's lights. Everything on, or everything off. Take your choice.
F3: A bug with an arrow pointing at one end. I'm sure it's supposed to be a chip, but I'd rather think of it as the key you should press should you get the mother of all bugs, the Blue Screen of Death. Of course, by then, it will do nothing for you. (And I conclude the arrow is pointed at the bug's asshole.) Frankly, I'd rather it dialed Bill's cell phone.
F5: Switch between a desktop computer (shaped suspiciously like an IBM XT) and an oblong. This is a laptop, for god's sake. I got it so I wouldn't have to use a desktop computer, so no, I don't bloody want to switch back. I like my oblong.
F8: The RKO radio tower. Call Godzilla. Now.
F10: A square containing 4 dots. Brings up a dice function to make your D&D playing more convenient.
F12: A square containing up and down arrows, more often used to indicate an elevator. At the size it is (3x3 mm), though, it might easily be the sign for a unisex toilet. If an elevator: it switches on the GPS function so that you can access the internet from inside the Sears Tower elevator. Maybe it raises the laptop's lid -- oh, wait, if you're pressing that key, it's already open. If a toilet: if you press this key, it will erase everything on your hard drive. And no mercy for male or female users.
Spacebar: A crosshair with an arrow. This will bring up a virtual target so you can shoot your computer.

I promise to RTFM tomorrow.

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