Friday, October 27, 2006

moving forward

The mate's doing better. Between Tobramyacin, Timentin, Cipro, saline, Mucomyst, albuterol, Advair, Spiriva, a little eucalyptus oil, breathing exercises 4 hours/day, and a half-hour percussion therapy, the fever has stayed between normal and 99.3 most of the time, and the white blood cell count has dropped from 28 to 13 thousand (normal range is 6-11 thousand). Energy is far more often up than down. The last 2 weeks have been very good comparatively speaking; she's done domestic stuff a few times, doesn't get out of breath walking around. Damn, if this keeps up, I might actually get some sometime soon. :D

Process-wise, we're in the waiting room: financing needs to be approved, and the involved sections of Stanford need to be organized to meet with us and continue doing tests. This includes not just the surgical team but the social worker and the shrink. They're putting all that time and effort into a transplant, they want to make sure that you're not gonna just layabout and piss it away. Then if we pass the tests, we get on the transplant list. And wait some more.

Appendix: what all this shit (and others) does
Tobramyacin, Timentin, Cipro, azithromycin: antibiotics taken via IV, inhaled, or orally
albuterol, Advair, Spiriva: opens breathing passages
saline: breathed in as vapor, it draws water to hardened mucus to soften
Mucomyst: breaks up sticky mucus
DNAse, aka Pulmozyme: breaks up dead DNA, which is sticky
eucalyptus oil: ingested; a folk remedy to make life just a bit more difficult for bacteria
breathing exercises and percussion therapy: shakes up the lungs to physically dislodge gunk
sodium nitrate: more commonly used as a preservative, it's fringy medicine that we couldn't determine any clear effect and have stopped using. Some CF bacteriae are gram-negative, which means they create a waxy coating to protect themselves. Sodium nitrate allegedly breaks down the coating, making them vulnerable to antibiotics.

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