Sunday, October 15, 2006

not a proper blog entry

About 1 month ago I noticed I have trouble seeing details on the left side of my face. It looks foggy. Viewed through my left eye, words on the page look partially erased with sandpaper. Last weekend driving back from Napa I cannot see cars in the left mirror too well. There's a grey cloud there, opaque in place, maybe about 35%.

The pair of small floaters I've had in my left eye for a year or so have suddenly merged together and grown large. It's right in the middle, though there's a small space dead center that's clear. Right now, if I look at the opposite wall about 10 feet away, the cloud goes from the floor to the ceiling. I made a map of it a week ago, and it's bigger than that now.

I've had a headache for the past 3 days. Part of that was due to drinking a little too much beer yesterday, but the headache started before that. I wake up darkearly no matter what time I go to sleep. I don't like that.

The optometrist wants me to see an ophthamologist (sp?) and possibly a retinal specialist. He's worried I may be having a retinal detachment. The hypochondriac in me is worried the whole thing is detaching.

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Sugarpott said...

aw...i hope its not detaching! that would seriously suck!
i got a small grey floater in my left eye...highly annoying
and i hope you get better soon - miss talkin to ya :(

(ps - u can always email me @ - =) )