Monday, October 02, 2006

onto the holy cause

I would crow-hawk, but the designer of the CRV put the driver's window switch on the dash near my left knee. If that sounds facile, visualize. With a hawk on my left hand, I cannot steer and put the window down at the same time. If I steer with my left knee, I can't reach the switch. Believe me, it's a game of Twister with potentially fatal results. And I'm pretty coordinated, capable of smoking and talking on the cell phone while driving, and have more than once hooded a hawk perched on the back seat.

So, in the cause of crow-hawking, I'm putting in a window switch on a cord, so I can control it with my right hand and steer. It'll take some practice but I think I can learn to do it. Now I gotta find a CRV master switch...

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