Monday, October 09, 2006

our charge, day 2

The little guy is a trip. He's 50 grams lighter than P, and looks about 2/3 the Harris's size, but eats about 2-3 times as much. He's a little furnace. I have no idea where all that pigeon (one of the richer foods you can feed a raptor) goes. Donations of pigeon are welcomed at St Marcus's.

They seem stupider than Harrises, but I'm thinking on the scale of human intelligence: the ability to interpret what the human is up to, and respond accordingly. Falcons seem more mechanistic, and their skills are in the command-and-control area. Ishii recognizes me certainly, but gives no impression of like or dislike.

He's being a little hellraiser this evening. He's bobbing his head everywhere, bating around to get onto a higher perch (the futon), rousing, and doing that crisp buzzing falcon tail-waggle. Quite a change from the greenish lump that plunked down onto the perch last night and just wanted to go to sleep. Hasn't taken a bath yet, but if I put him out in the sun tomorrow, perhaps he will. Then I'll really know he's a normal falcon.

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