Thursday, October 05, 2006

a pedestrian pleasure

Driving in the City is a schizophrenic combination of aggressiveness and gentleness. It's brisk, but drivers in SF are trained to stop on a dime for a pedestrian. In California pedestrians have the right of way in any marked crosswalk and the corner-to-corner intersection of any two streets (walking at right angles, not diagonals). Pedestrians are assertive here. You don't mess with one.

I'm walking out of the hospital this afternoon, a little depressed over the mate's fever, which is still flying up and down the scale like Beverly Sills. Across the street is the parking garage where my car is, and a 3-way stop. There's a baby-shit-green Honda at the stop, moving forward. I cross the street, in the crosswalk of course. We're on collision vectors, but he should stop, even in the intersection, because this is San Francisco.

He doesn't. He doesn't even acknowledge I'm there.

But he slows down just as he's passing 3 inches in front of me. That's opportunity.

I slam a good kick, hard as possible, to the rear-seat door. Pity I was wearing runners and not my boots. If I had more presence of mind I would have whipped out my keys to give him a more permanent reminder of how to treat pedestrians.


Sugarpott said...

wow...glad you're safe and not hurt! next time something like that happens, you can borrow my whip and give the ol' driver a nice whippin ;)

max inclined said...

Thanks, love. But there was no question of safe or not, he wasn't going that fast and I was aware of what he was doing. This is the proper treatment for drivers who ignore pedestrians. Another trick is to hit/kick the car then do a theater fall. That really gets the driver's heart rate going.