Sunday, October 08, 2006


Welcome to Saint Marcus's Refuge for Recovering Falcons. Here, brothers, is our newest arrival. His name is Ishii and while he was perched outside two days ago, he was attacked by a wild red-tailed hawk. The redtail had him by the head when his falconers rushed out to rescue him. Presently he's on an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory, and is generally dull-witted for the moment. However, as you can see, he's able to tuck into a quail leg, so chances of a full recovery are quite high. Brothers, come vespers we shall add his health to the prayers we say for all our charges.

I would have called it "Recovering Raptors" but thought SMRRF a bit more euphonious. And silly. Ishii's one of the vineyard birds, and Karl's so busy right now he can't take care of him, so he asked and I said yes. Ishii should be okay in about two weeks at the outside.


Sugarpott said...

wow...such a wonderous big, so strong, so powerful...are the claws always that big?

max inclined said...

He's actually not that big, only 560 gm which is about a pound and 3 oz. Raptors that specialize in birds always have long toes; those that go for ground quarry have short thick ones. But falcons have really bizarrely long toes that bend in weird directions and go all over the place. Sometimes it seems like they don't know what to do with them.