Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ED [election day ;) ] results

"Chaos, panic and disorder: my work here is done."

Those could have been Rumsfeld's parting words. Should have. The departure's far later than it should have been, but at least the guy's gone.

As if to maintain the nation's balance of stupidity, California has approved all of Propositions 1A through 1E, a broad swatch of bond measures totaling 37.2 billion dollars. This is just what we need in a state already debt-ridden from the government level to the personal level. I guess people just willfully blind themselves to all those zeroes when they take out loans based on equity they barely have, or hand over the credit card for a marvelous piece of technology they don't need. A million, a billion, what's the difference? In fact, I suspect Californians are proud of their debt. We get more money to spend than anyone else, and leave it to some future generation to pay it off.

The other approved measures paint a picture of a fearful people: 83 (GPS monitoring of sex offenders and prohibition of residency near schools/parks, maybe half a billion) and 84 (water quality and safety, another 10.5 billion). What surprised me was the cigarette tax and alternative energy research measures both went down. The energy measure was not as well written as it should have been, but research needs funding nonetheless, and research by definition may not have results.

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