Sunday, November 05, 2006

ehh shunny

Over dinner we were talking about the eye doctors I'd consulted in the past couple weeks, and I started reading a flyer the retinal specialist had given me. It was all about which foods contain nutrients helpful to eyes: eggs in particular, and any brightly colored or dark green veggie. Most all of which I like already, so very good.

Then it struck me: I'm reading a health newsletter. Reading the stuff and nodding sagely. God Christ riding a rocket, my mother does this, and when she reads me the most irrelevant nonsense from it, I have a propensity to drop the phone, usually into the wastebasket. Goddamn, every single one of those 41 birthdays flashed before my eyes, I felt my sagely beard crawling over my knobby knees, and I started to morph into one of the 3 wise guys, in particular the hydrocephalic head who holds a peach in one hand and a staff in the other. I think that one's supposed to be longevity.

Very rarely do I feel my age, but I notice a reluctance to search for things under the couch or lift furniture. These things have simply gone off the radar. Lose a screw under the couch? Well, there's still three, so it'll be all right.

Yes, we do turn into our parents. At the very least we get as old as they once were. Hopefully we discard all the annoying bits and keep all the good ones, and try not to forget what being a kid is like.

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