Friday, November 10, 2006

folks as foolish as Bush

exist, however. This arrived today, a Nigerian 419 from England on actual paper. Some idiot paid 50P to mail this beauty. No letterhead, clearly mail-merged (my name and address in 18-point bold, jpegged signature that doesn't remotely resemble the name). It reads exactly like every other 419 (i.e. barely literate). "A dead foreigner Late Mr. P A Whatever who died in 1999" has me rolling on the floor for the poor guy who's died three times in a single breath. Anyone who goes for this deserves a Darwin award.

That phone number is +44 785 828 0496 and the fax is +44 871 264 8062.

Being a good citizen, I tried to give a heads-up to Woodland Financial Planning in Ireland to let them know their company name was being taken advantage of, and now I'm wondering why I bothered. The email address on the site bounces, and their Enquiries page lacks a Submit button. That's right, you can fill in your information but you cannot send it anywhere. ARG or just laughably bad programming? My bets are on the latter.

BTW, I did not make up the post time below. :)

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