Wednesday, November 22, 2006

the hawk god watches

Interesting thing on Sunday. We're out hawking (the mate came along too yes!!) and had a couple good chases, but no catches yet. Out of the blue comes a young woman who told us she'd seen an injured hawk flopping around on the edge of I-5. She'd been heading toward the City but saw this bird, and simply had to turn around for it.

We're talking about 5 miles to the next place to turn south, 5 miles back, and another 4 miles to the next place to turn north again, so we're talking some dedication here.

And as she's taking her northward turn, she just so happens to spot a person walking around a field with a hawk on the glove. Yrs truly. So she trots out into the field and asks us what she should do.

We hashed around a bit. Honestly I wanted to catch something first and consider the hawking finished, but my better sense, a.k.a. better half, took over. The girl had a special thing for hawks, the mate said, so I should respect that. I packed up the hawk with a couple quail legs as compensation, and we followed the girl's car.

We pulled off just past the bird. I knew it was dead, but we all came over and had a look. A clean-looking tiercel redtail, and still even a tiny bit warm. A real shame to be cut down like that. I babbled some nonsense about him having had a good life. He did have good-looking feet, reminded me a lot of my first tiercel RT. I picked him up and gave him to the girl, who took him off the road and laid him in some brush. We had a few moments of silence.

The mate gave her one of P's feathers, which luckily happened to be tucked into my car visor. It seemed to give her a little sunshine in this sad moment. Then we all smiled at each other and she drove onward into the dark.


C. Y. Noquote said...

Happy Thanksgiving to 'm' and 'd' and 'p' from 'c'. (Ever notice we're all roman numerals? yay!) Did p get his usual thksgiv chickie?

max inclined said...

He got his chickie though this is the first time I've heard P was a Roman numeral :) . Good to hear from you, it's been a while.