Tuesday, November 14, 2006

window switch nixed

Back on the carhawking cause. I bought a window control for the CRV, hoping I could hardwire it in. Unfortunately, the electrical connectors hang off the switch to the right in the same plane, rather than off the back, so even though the switch set itself is only 2.5" wide, the connectors add another 1.5". Way too big to hold in the hand comfortably and still have fingers left over to grip the steering wheel. Thirty bucks, and it's off to the trash. Heck, maybe I should just resell it on Ebay.

Next option: remote control. There are alarm systems that will roll your windows up and down in addition to arming your car. My mechanic brought me to a stereo installer, who researched a bit and called me back with a system and a price.

Seven hundred fifty bucks! Ouch!

I was expecting a couple hundred, maybe $400 tops. Alarm systems are not expensive, and I've seen a remote window module for $35 that hooks into an alarm system. I realize there may be a little tweaking involved because I don't want it to work in the normal way of rolling up your windows and alarming the car. I want to roll the windows up and down and have it unrelated to the alarm. That shouldn't be that difficult, though. But it certainly shouldn't cost that much.

Back to shopping...

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