Sunday, December 03, 2006

becoming a non smoker

It seems to be happening. Following the ALA method, I quit on December 1st (so it would be really easy to tell how long) and have not failed yet. I've had cravings but they go away if I distract myself. The hardest so far has been the phone call with my mom, which is usually irritating this time of year.

Three days isn't a whole lot, but it's better than not being able to make it a single day without a cigarette.

Last time I tried, the boyfriend of a co-worker said, "Oh, you'll start again, everyone does." I probably should have punched the fucker in the mouth right then, because with that banal-evil statement, he deflated the confidence that had kept me off cigarettes for 3 months. I won't let that kind of thing shake me again.

Here goes. I'm proud of myself so far. I hope in a week I'll still be proud.

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