Friday, December 08, 2006

death of a friend

My falconry sponsor was just found dead. I don't have any details yet. Today his son called me in a panic because they hadn't talked for several days. It wasn't terribly unusual for G to go somewhere without telling anyone, but it was usually going with other falconers. The son had asked the police to do a welfare check but they didn't seem to think it was time to actually break down the door. And he really wanted them to.

I phoned another falconer friend, which apparently kick-started a network of phone calls. One of these friends did get the police to break down the door. Another pair of friends will be going out there tomorrow to pick up the dog and any animals still alive.

I feel kinda bad about it because I hadn't emailed him in weeks. I kept meaning to drop him a note, and never got around to it. To me he was both a father and a brother with none of the attendant conflicts. But he was also boring, with old-man complaints about his health and his bleak outlook on its lack of improvement. It seemed like he could talk about nothing else. About 6 weeks ago I was out in his direction and asked him to join me hawking. I was surprised he refused, but he wasn't feeling well. And what can you say to that?

When does verbal bleakness become depression or a sign of real illness? You can say, Hey G, you should go see a doctor (which I did.) But if he doesn't go, I trust his judgement. I don't have the right to drive to his house, kidnap him and take him in. That's a little too invasive, too personal.

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