Wednesday, January 10, 2007


OK I have worked for this place since 1989. That's kind of scary to think almost eighteen years, but what the hell, the job is comfortable and the pay is decent. But the relationship between the bosses and the bees has been slowly deteriorating and I don't think I like it here anymore.

When I started working here, R was the top guy. He was a damn good boss in that he would talk to the bees spontaneously and easily, and he was good for spirit. He'd let us off early on the workday before major holidays. With him we had yearly picnics and such little staff parties. You felt like someone cared about you.

Around 2000 the union got up and made some trouble. Certain board members who were very anti-administration got elected. These two factions made it impossible for R to continue, so he took retirement, and nearly all the administrators (7 out of 8 people) left because R had been protecting them from the union and the board. In short, we got shook down.

So all us bees in the administration office got new bosses and we got a new top dog, P. P has a friendly smile and sounds nice, but she is not kind nor does she ever go out of her way to make you feel valued. She doesn't let us off early before the holiday. We don't have picnics. The last few years have been grim. It doesn't take much to make bees happy, but meanness and pettiness have taken hold, and they deny us these small things. P hands out little soap bars to everyone as a Christmas gift. A boss should either give nothing, as R did, or give something decent, not some worthless piece of shit that costs less than a dollar.

Over Christmas we moved into our new office building. Previously, we'd been renting space, at a fairly high price, and last year finally got the money to buy. It's a nice building, and my cubie space has grown larger and is close to a window. That's nice. But for some reason that I cannot comprehend, bees don't get keys to the building.

If we want to come in on the weekend or evening, we have to check out a key and alarm card from our bosses. We can't just drop by the office when we feel like it. It's like the place is not ours. The policy is worker-hostile and this makes me sad, disappointed enough that I'm considering leaving. It seems like a very small thing but really, it's just the most recent of these small slaps that make work unpleasant.

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