Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new ear

Apparently the Japanese consider it auspicious if you dream of Mt Fuji, eagles, or eggplants on the night of the new year. I dreamed I was watching a music video of Donald Rumsfeld rocking out in front of a jeep. He wore a Saddam Hussein mustache. Frankly, I wouldn't count that hawk among the auspicious variety.

I'm kidding. I have no idea what I dreamed.

The Chinese consider what happens on the first day of the year to be indicative of the rest of it. They particularly enjoy gambling then. Even a little win is probably a good thing. Like all omens, it's a very subjective thing.

Today is beautiful, sunny and cold, I haven't smoked for a month and have no desire to do so. That's a good start (although 2 weeks from now I'll be running a memorial for my friend, where I might smoke one just for old times' sake. Might.) And I just discovered the white ginger plants I smuggled from Hawaii two years ago are growing flower buds. That's really nice. The mate is feeling better today, and though there is still one more test scheduled (February was the earliest we could get), feeling better is a definite indicator that the antibiotics are working for the moment. Finally, I'm having fun writing my first (and probably only) Flash game.

If today indicates the rest of my year, I can't complain.

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