Tuesday, January 09, 2007

my 3 hours of fame :)

Well, my game (here in its new public home on Dazed's server) kept my friends on Nordinho busy for a little over 3 hours before they solved it. I don't know if that's a compliment to them, to me, or both. I think it's about average, as this kind of game goes. It was fun and completely bug-free as far as I could tell. I panicked twice -- once when someone said their bottles disappeared, and when people seemed to be having trouble solving the safe. The disappearing bottles turned out to be a slow computer. I dashed into Flash 8 Pro to verify that the number codes I'd set up matched the puzzle symbols.

On the first one I fumbled -- the code is mirrored, and I drew one symbol backwards, which is visually forwards, but backwards by coding -- but I held off the urge to post long enough to check the other four. They were okay, I went back to the first and re-checked it, and swashed the beads of sweat off... funny how I want this little game to be totally perfect...

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