Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trader Joe's - disappointing

TJ's is good for some things: cheese, bananas, corn chips, beer, frozen fruit and veggies, desserts. Unfortunately, many of their prepared foods are simply bad because they over-pepper them. I normally love pepper, so for me to say something is over-peppered means it must be extreme. I can recommend the chicken pot pie, the quiches and calzones, but nearly nothing else.

The other thing is seasoning things that are not normally peppery. When you want tartar sauce, you don't want TJ's tartar sauce, to which they felt compelled to add some zip. TJ doesn't give you an alternate, nor do they warn you that they added some hot to it.

So I thought I knew what I could buy there. I'd been pretty pleased with their meats, the David's kosher rib eyes in particular. Good flavor and not too lean.

Today we got the kosher ground beef. Sad news: badly oversalted. Salting is normally part of the koshering process, but it's supposed to be rinsed afterwards three times. If it was rinsed, it must have been with a spray bottle or something.

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