Saturday, February 24, 2007

comic book life

On my profile page at Nordinho, I display a beautiful poem by Mikhail Lermontov which is generally about being disgusted with life. It sounds far better in Russian than in English.

A few days ago, a newish user apparently took exception to this display of misery. She said I had no right to be pessimistic, that I had no idea what life was (!). Apparently my unhappiness cannot compare to hers, which consists of being in a wheelchair, and being prevented from seeing her "plebian" boyfriend because her parents have chosen a boy with a title and money for her.

I said something polite to her, and was rewarded with an elaboration on her personal situation. She said I, as a "normal" person, had no right to complain about my life and that I took my freedom for granted. Whereas she is some kind of caged royalty (yes, she actually used the term 'golden cage') who can only reminisce about her days attending the "Academia" [sic] in Firenze because she was able to mix with the happy little jiga... er, I mean, ordinary people with lives "so easy, full of laughters, so uncomplicated, unformal."

Now, on occasion, we all take a bit of fun playing people we are not. The internet allows us this anonymity. And what little girl hasn't had a princess fantasy? Occasionally Nordinho has had users who hinted they were actually someone famous, but hiding out (if you want to be anonymous, why say this? Hello?) Everyone has their little trip, and some trips are a bit further out into space than most.

I consider it slightly possible that she's a middle-aged man. But most likely she is an ordinary young woman or girl, on the cracked side, with a fantasy life of nearly medieval cliches about how royalty behave and operate, and how they view the populace. The things she says really leaves me rolling on the floor, almost as much as Vlad Drakula's nurse.

Isn't this sweet:
Nobody on this world knows how hard is to carry obligations to the family name, the loyalty to the family...

She obviously hasn't heard a thing about the people of Northern Ireland, anyone in the Middle East, Chinese, or almost any well-established, wealthy family anywhere.

My only question is, do I pretend to believe her and see what kind of outrageous things she says, or ignore?


Sugarpott said...

who the hell is this beotch that thinks shes all that???

Max Inclined said...

She's not sane, or pretending to not be sane... I can make fun of her or feel sorry for her, but I can't be mad, really.