Friday, February 09, 2007

hospitals - avoid 'em

The mate's back in, went in on Monday... we did a little too much on the weekend, being out for 5 hours is just too long. Fever, malaise, and splat into the hospital. Right now she's in the coronary ward, and really belongs downstairs in the CF ward, but the hospital's filling up due to several days of rain. They've been meaning to move her, but this just takes time.

Up here in coronary, the rooms are tight and there's no shower or bath at all, just a tub room in the hallway. Doctor's permission is required to take a bath. The CF ward has showers in the rooms and, if the mate was there, she would have no permission issues nor would she require supervision. But she's here and thus subject to this floor's rules, not what she would have had if they'd moved her to the CF floor as they've been trying to do for days.

Mental health, I think, is an essential factor to physical health. You get depressed, you don't try to get better. And when you feel sweaty and stinky, you know there would be no question of getting a shower on a different ward, and you need permission from a doctor who isn't responding to pages - the needless complication is depressing.

It sounds hysterical to say a bath will keep her alive, but it's more true than I'd like to think. Her outlook has always affected her health, more so than most people. And when you're as close to death as she is, seemingly small things truly do make a difference.

When rules don't make sense, break 'em. I sneaked a peek at the tub room, got shampoo and towels from one aide, fresh jammies from another. We were pretty much ready to raid the tub room when the nurse came in and said the permission had finally come through. Frankly the sneaking bit was more fun, but I'm glad it was okayed.

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