Saturday, February 17, 2007

random plug - buying jade

Over the past 4 years the mate and I have bought several jade pieces from this lady's websites: or She travels to Burma once or twice a year, buys stuff, photographs it and puts it up for sale. Everything she puts up is unique: you are buying the piece you're looking at. Her descriptions of the jade are quite accurate (read: honest), and when a gold bail began getting sawed through by the stone, she simply sent another without fuss. In short, I can recommend her.

Jade is a gorgeous stone. Just looking at the saturated green color is refreshing to the eyes and mind. According to Chinese taste, the finest jade is completely transparent and Prell-green in color. I've seen close to "perfect" and think it means visually uninteresting (unless there's some fantastic carving.) Variation in color and intensity are much more fun to look at.

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