Friday, February 16, 2007

winter mice

invaded the garage. Mea culpa, really. Grass seed and birdseed I'd stowed in there got turned into hulls and tiny mouse craps scattered everywhere. If I was a mouse, I'd happy for dry shelter with room service, too.

I'm now a convert to glue traps. Part of me thinks it's simply placement, but I've seen snap traps miss plenty of times. The glue traps have netted four so far, cute little brownish-grey things, and I think there may be one more, but it shouldn't be more than that. I'm hoping it's not more than that.

It's terrible to have to toss perfectly good hawk food in the trash. But I wouldn't want to feed them even if they were easy to remove from the glue, cos there's no way to tell if they've ingested it...

Having mice is way better than having rats. They're far more destructive and smell much worse. If you poison rats, leave the doors open. There's an impulse to close doors so they're forced to eat the poison, but if you shut them in they're sure to die in an inaccessible place and the smell will hang around for weeks...

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