Sunday, March 04, 2007

chirp chirp ring

Being a falconer, I've ended up with some interesting pets over the years. I don't mean the hawks, but things you run into in the field: snakes, horned toads, frogs. Heavily pregnant rabbits might get an abrupt Caesarian and you end up raising baby jackrabbits.

Plus your bait and hawk food becomes pets as well. Early in one's falconry career, these are usually rats, then the rats sprout wings and turn into pigeons. Honestly, pigeons are pretty nice as pets. But the ones I liked best were the baby chickens, because they peep.

Peeping is undoubtedly a trait common to all flock birds, but baby chickens take it to a fine art. They do it as naturally as breathing, and it is just as fundamental. It's their way of indicating their presence within the flock, and locating it should they become separated. If you take one to a quiet place, away from other peeping birds, it will begin to peep loudly, and more loudly, and it'll get panicky. Bring it back to where it can hear its friends, and its peeping will become content again.

This is exactly the way we behave with cell phones. Something we barely heard of ten years ago is now a fundamental tool that we cannot be without. We call up friends just to say hi, announcing our presence to our flock. Every few hours we check back in.

We are now a nation of chickens.


Leann said...

I had a small falcon that broke its wing.I was a teenager and my Dad fixed the wing and I took care of the was a sweet bird.when the wing healed we returned him to the wild.just stopped by to say Hi.God bless

Max Inclined said...

That's neat. One of those things that makes such a bit impression on kids and teaches respect for nature. Glad you came by and commented, thank you!