Sunday, March 11, 2007

food fight

The mate has been a slow eater for the past year, really, but now she eats hardly anything. She has no appetite. It takes a couple hours to eat a quarter or a third of her meal. Since she's getting so few calories, she gets weak and shaky and she doesn't have the energy to eat. They're giving her this 20% lipid solution through the IV but that isn't really enough.

Not being able to eat is completely foreign to me. I was raised to clean my plate, and to eat whether or not I was hungry, and if I didn't eat much at the appointed time I was badgered. So it's difficult for me to relate to this.

To the rescue comes marinol: synthetic cannabis, used to give the munchies to people with AIDS or having chemo or, apparently, with CF. It seems, at first dose, to be working. I spent last night at the hospital and watched her send back a completely uneaten half chicken. Today after the marinol she ate 5 bites in 15 minutes, which is more than I've seen her do in weeks.

I kinda doubt she's coming home this week, like we were hoping, but we'll see.

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