Tuesday, March 13, 2007

gas station maps

Today I was forwarded a message about a Harris hawk with bells and jesses spotted about 8 miles from my home. It was seen twice, three hours apart - a bit longer than a normal hawking session, which implied it was sans falconer. I packed up a quail, a lure, glove and binoculars, and took a quick Google for the creek. Nothing in the first 20 results were any use. Instead of being sensible and trying to find a real map, I decided to be a falconer and just get in the car and go.

My Thomas Bros mapbook didn't have a detail page for that spot either, so I stopped in at a gas station to get a clue. The attendant in the store was at least 75% deaf and 50% non-English speaking. I had a hard time getting the word 'map' to register. He had maps, but sealed in plastic bags that you had to fork over $5 for the privilege of opening. I was not about to hand it over only to find out they don't mark creeks. I know, that's too practical, but what the hell.

When I was a kid every gas station taped a map to the store window. I had to go to 3 stations before I found one. And strangely, they didn't have the map for sale. But at least I got a few street names that took me to the creek, which was actually a canal for most of its length. I cruised around, looking for bundles of crows ganging up on something, windows down listening for a stray jingle or a Harris call. Nope, nope and nope.

I followed the canal down to where it let into the Bay. It had really turned into a pretty good sized creek by then, 10 or 15 yards wide, with all kinds of ducks pottering and bobbing around. But no Harris hawks...

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