Friday, March 30, 2007

some good news for a change

We've just had an unprecedented three days in a row with things holding steady or slightly improving. Today, the mate honestly looks better and moves at a much more normal rate. RBC count is up a pinch, though WBCs are still holding highish at 20K. Knock on wood, after nearly a month in the hospital, and a horrendous five days where we talked about giving up, I think she's getting better.

It's so easy to get set back, i.e. it's way too early to say when she'll be good enough to come home. Given the equipment she's using, she might not come home until after transplant. But in the meantime I have many people to thank for their thoughts and prayers. Lennie, Norway, Ariel, Zarah, Rachel, Paul, Karl, Leann: you have all taken some time out of your lives to be angels, and it's had an effect.

We'll see how the weekend goes... but today's a damn nice day.

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