Saturday, April 14, 2007

April sucks

The Ides of March has doom bestowed on it by Caesar and Shakespeare, the Ides of April by the IRS.

I post relatively infrequently on Nordinho now, even for the PNCs I like so much. I play the game, read the thread if I get stuck, finish the game and go on. I've stopped playing forum games (except for Pictionary, which is running a bit slow right now), they just don't hold my interest. And maybe the site has gotten less fun to me because a few friends have slipped away or are laying low. Not that I was ever deeply into the social aspect, but knowing there are people who like you is nice.

Maybe it's just because April is a month in which you write two fat checks to your government and watch the wind blow crazily. It's a lousy month for flying, too.

Maybe I'm getting disgusted with the web just in general. Today I was skimming Yahoo Answers for questions about cystic fibrosis, and was just amazed at the number of people asking "what is cystic fibrosis?" Helllloooo?! Ever heard of Wikipedia? Google? Do you really think you're the very first person ever to ask this question? Do you have to hire people to type your question in for you, or do you have friends to help? Do they read the answers to you, too?


I've always found it hard to laugh stupidity off as human nature. I've always wished or hoped that people desire to be intelligent, to educate themselves, to be able to see beyond themselves. Of course, I also believe that people are honest by nature, which is not true at all. I'm not always honest, why assume others are?


For happiness: the mate is clearly getting better these past two weeks. She's trimming back on the morphine and marinol, and changing the antianxiety med to a different one. O2Sat is consistently between 92 and 95 with the new air thing. We dearly wish the transplant would happen in the next 14 days because this is the healthiest she's been since January.

The doctor, being savvy, does not want to change the gloomy prognosis since this might easily drop her priority down. The mate needs the lungs despite this healthiness, because it is only temporary, guaranteed. The past year has shown us how fast she can go from relatively good to damn near dead. We've had our death talk TWICE and I don't want to do it a third time :) though when the lungs show up, I expect we will since there's a chance she may not survive the surgery. But -- as always -- we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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Sugarpott said...

At least your mate is doing better right now :) thats always a good thing. Hope you get that lung really soon!