Friday, April 06, 2007

finally carhawking

About six months ago I was trying to start carhawking and was just stymied by several issues. First off, there's a chicken in my right hand that says Do NOT drive onto the wrong side of the road. Second, the window control in my car was in the wrong place, a hardwired switch was too unwieldy and the remote control way too expensive.

Well, I finally got around to tackling this again, and here's the result:

It hangs on the seat by the headrest posts, and it seats him just above the bottom of the window. We've taken drives twice and I can see P getting back into the idea of carhawking.

However, it's also been at least three years since he was flown out a window, and though he has that beautiful neck-arch and erect stance of seeking prey, he seemed reluctant to jump, even at very close quarry. Hmmm!

My theory is this is because his previous owners flew him on the left side, on a glove, and kept him in his box when not being flown. With me he's used to sitting in an open perch unhooded, not seeking, and being taken out from the rear of the car to chase bunnies. Plus I presently have him too high because I haven't been flying at all. I'm going to drop him 15 grams, and 30 if I must. We did a little practice flying out the window, yesterday to the lure, today to a quail head tossed out the window.

I have to say carhawking is ridiculously effortless. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for opportunities (and red lights, and other cars.) Instead of tramping through ten acres of scrub in the hot sun hoping to run across four or five bunnies, you contribute to greenhouse gases and can encounter a lot more slips.

Crows are smart, but to combat this, I have the most indistinguished of cars -- a silver SUV. Everyone has a silver SUV. The crows won't be able to tell the difference between me and half the population, or at least not until the window opens and a Harris hawk pops out.


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